As you walk past the glittering shelves displaying finest of trendy and classy jewellery at state-of-the-art showroom of Sogani Jewellers, completely spellbound by the shimmering ambience, to enter the managing director’s room, you are greeted by a charming person – a young lady in her mid-twenties, brimming with prudence and self-confidence. Her suave countenance exuding corporate sagacity is enough to reassure you of the immense entrepreneurial talent, the young daughters of India possess. Ms Preeti Sogani, the Managing Director of Sogani Group of Companies, a leading multi-business group based at Jaipur having international outreaches. Highly educated and exposed to global trade dynamics, Preeti runs a business that her father Shanti Kumar Sogani established with all his grit, diligence and courage over a short period of time.

The Sogani Group has flagship ventures – Sogani Jewellers, an exquisite showroom for diamond, gold and silver jewellery, and Heiwa Heaven Resort, a magnificent property amidst serene environs at Jaipur. Group’s other undertakings include Peace International, the export/import and manufacturing unit of Gems and jewellery; 9 to 9 Bazar, a house dedicated to complete family wear; and Sogani Developers & Builders, which deals in property and construction.

A bumpy road to success

Starting his struggles from the year 1989, by the year 2001, with his business acumen and diligence, Mr. Shanti Kumar Sogani made big headways in Japan’s gems & jewellery industry. He established a showroom in Tokyo. It was called Santi Shokai. He also started a gemstone trading company at Jaipur – Sogani Jewels and ventured into the export and import of precious and semi-precious stones. 

“There was no looking back after that. In 2005, Peace International was founded at Sitapura Industrial Area of Jaipur, for manufacturing and export-import of stone-studded jewellery. Dad’s business had started spreading wings across India. In 2007, he also ventured into real estate and construction by establishing Sogani Developers & Builders. But this ventured has been for our own consumption and usage. Today, our group owns ten properties, all for private usage,” Preeti elaborates.

The year 2009 saw the establishment of 9 To 9 Bazar - a complete house for family-wear. “Actually the force behind foundation of 9 To 9 Bazar is my mother, Smt. Mamta Sogani. She pushed Dad to initiate an enterprise to extend the job opportunity to the folks from her and my Dad’s villages. My mother hails from a small place known as Kakra Karad. My Dad is from Chitawa. So, my Mom encouraged Dad to start this unique venture which stills runs as a Not-for-profit enterprise, extending employment to residents of these villages,” tells Preeti. “9 To 9 Bazar is inspired from Japanese concept, “7-11”. It opens at 9am and operates till 9pm.”

The journey of Mr. Shanti Kumar Sogani in local jewellery industry has been built up in small steps. In 2008, Sogani Jewellers was established as a small firm to cater to local consumption of gemstones studded jewellery.  In 2011, a small retail outlet was opened at Hathroi Fort area of Jaipur. In 2013, a showroom, “Sogani Jewellers” was established in City Pulse commercial mall, but things did not turn out well. The showroom had to be shifted to Vaishali Nagar in 2014 and that made a difference. “Things simply changed after that. “Sogani Jewellers” soon became a big name in Jaipur’s exotic jewellery market. Today, Sogani Jewellers Private Limited is a trusted name and is counted among the leading players in country’s gems & jewellery industry,” Preeti states a glorious fact with a genuine modesty. “My father’s relentless efforts, business acumen and relationship skills finally paid off.”

A Venture into a Paradise– Heiwa Heaven Resort

Diversifications by corporate groups are not always warranted by the financial needs. Some companies venture into areas unrelated as an endeavour to follow what is close to someone’s heart. “My father, being a people-loving person, always had a desire to take up a project in hospitality. When his existing businesses bloomed financially, it became possible to venture into this people-oriented field that calls for the highest application of aesthetics and man- management skills,” tells Ms Preeti. “As an initial effort, a 28-room property was established at Hathroi Fort area by the name – Heiwa Inn, in 2014. However, it was year 2015 that saw the foundation of Heiwa Heaven Resort,” Preeti adds. Located at Jamdoli on Agra Road, amidst serene environs, Heiwa Heaven Resort is an exotic 70 room property based on the Jungle theme.

Offering a purely vegetarian out-of-the-world menu, this place is an absolute delight for stay, dine and arrange personal and corporate events like picnics, parties, weddings and conferences. The special events being organized by the resort time to time, have already made this exquisite property immensely popular within a short span.

A family that’s a bundle of talent

The fact that Ms. Preeti Sogani and her two younger brothers have inherited a grand business empire doesn’t make her complacent. Rather she feels an urge to take things further with an attitude to keep learning, improvising and innovating amidst ever changing business environment.“My Dad has always respected his associates, clients and employees as well as friends and relatives. Perhaps this is one single factor that has gone a long way in making my father what he is now,” Preeti observes. 

When asked to tell something about herself and other family members, she begins with her mother Mamta Sogani, whom she reckons a bundle of inspiration and support to her father. “My parents got married at a small place, Chitawa in 1988 and soon shifted to the nearby town, Rainwal, where I was born in 1991. My mother has been a great source of strength to my father. She stood by him in all his thick and thin, ups and downs. She inspired him to take on the challenges of personal and professional life, bearing all responsibilities of home and children,” Preeti tells fondly. “As I’ve said, our venture “9 To 9 Bazar” came into being as an inspiration from her only.”

Mr. Shanti Kumar and Mrs. Mamta Sogani have brought up their children – the daughter, Preeti and two sons, Priyatam and Rishabh inculcating in them, the highest human values and providing them with the best of education. “I was born in 1991 at Rainwal and had my schooling at various places ranging from Tokyo, Laxmangarh and Jaipur. From fourth standard up to twelfth, my school was Seedling Modern High School, Jaipur. I went to London in 2009 for my graduation from Middlesex University,” Preeti tells. “I was always engaged in healthy extra-curricular activities in college. I was elected as the Vice President – Welfare and International Students’ Officer for two years in the Middlesex University’s Students’ Union. I also worked as the Students’ Trustee. Holding such positions during higher education gives you immense confidence.”

Ms Preeti’s college life at London was full of activities and actions. She took up lot many part time jobs. In her third year of college, she even started a small home rental firm. “I also started the assignment help for the local students there,” Preeti recalls. “I made decent money even as a student, you see. Perhaps, the entrepreneur in me was already born by then,” she quips.

Ms Preeti went on to complete her Master of Science in Entrepreneurship from Royal Hallway, University of London in 2014. She came back to Jaipur in 2016 and joined Sogani Jewellers. Since then she has been managing the operations of Sogani Jewellers and Peace International. “My education and offshore experience has helped me a lot in taking care of various aspects of our business. Today, I am involved in product development, staff, stock and office management and online business,” Preeti shares. I have been constantly working on new concepts.”

The two sons of Soganis are equally talented. Elder Mr Priyatam Sogani graduated from Cass Business School, City University, London from where he completed his BA in Business Management. Holding a special interest in cricket, Mr Priyatam has played for Ealing Club of London for three years. He is presently engaged in management of Heiwa Heaven resort. Priyatam’s first project at Heiwa Heaven - Knock-Knock2017 was a huge success. The younger son, Mr Rishabh Sogani is currently pursuing his under graduation at Queen’s University, London.

“I am a copy of my father.”

“Yes. This is what most people say. My father has been my role model. Probably, I inherited my doggedness from him or at least got it by observing him closely,” Preeti discloses. “He has always had a grand vision for our group and I constantly dream to make it a reality.”

So, what does Ms Preeti dream about Sogani Group of Companies? “I aim to make Sogani Jewellers, a global brand. I plan to target entire India through e-commerce. This is just the beginning and a lot remains to be done,” Preeti states positively. “And it will surely be done,” she declares. “I have always been fond of doing crazy things. Be it adventure sports, long drives, swimming, river rafting, sky diving or even dirt biking, I love to go for a kill,” Ms Preeti, the winner of many medals in swimming competitions states candidly.

Ms Preeti Sogani is a fresh face of young Indian women Entrepreneurs. She is a promise of a glorious future to our evolving Indian society. And her mantra for success? “Just work, work and, work. You can change your destiny by just doing your work honestly. Keep doing something and you will end up somewhere,” she assures. “And that somewhere will be surely a great place.”