Personalize your own jewellery and design your thoughts. Sogani Jewellers give you a chance to create your own jewellery. First, select your design and choose the right base whether you want diamond, gold or silver jewellery. Moreover, choose a unique quality setting to complete your personalized jewellery. Sogani Jewellers has the customized jewellery collection that will allow you to express your individuality with style and elegance. Shop our new trends and discover how to create your thought in beautiful pieces.

How to Order Customized Jewellery?

A – Please follow the below steps for the Customization of the Jewellery –

·         Upload your design or select and innovate from the designs in and let us know how you will like to conceive the ornaments.

·         After assessing your requirement, we will send you an estimate with the approximate price and duration for manufacturing it.

·         Confirm your order by depositing a Token amount of 25% of the estimated cost (PLEASE NOTE THE FINAL JEWELLERY AMOUNT CAN HAVE A NET PRICE VARIATION OF UP TO 10%).

·         Jewellery is crafted and revised payment information will be sent to you by Email along with the ready product image.

·         Transfer the balance amount in full.

·         Your Product will be dispatched and the delivery information will be shared on your Email address along with the SMS.

Provide Your Contact Details

How would you like to provide the design?

Upload my design Select a design from Sogani Jewels collection